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AMuse Concepts is a Hong Kong based branding and communication consultancy established in 2012. We specializes in communication related functions, providing services across a wide spectrum such as advertising, corporate identity, marketing collaterals, event marketing and promotional marketing. We think that partnering relationship with our client is extremely important. This relationship begins with a strong desire among the parties to create a situation in which both can benefit from working together. We expect “us” to do better work than we have ever done before. To be come what your company want to be…


AMuse Concepts “逗概念“ 成立於2012年。我們深信設計的原點在於解決問題,透過創新而逗趣的意念,讓設計帶給大家更多的樂趣。Amuse Concept 提供一站式多元化的服務,包括設計不同類型的廣告刊物及企業形象設計。

我們認為跟顧客建立‘伙伴關係’是非常重要的。這關係是長久而互信的,令雙方在合作上彼此得益。 我們不斷創作及蛻變,期望將‘更好的方案’及‘創新的點子’帶給每一位客戶。

AMuse Concepts Limited is a Hong Kong based creative company that embraces the now and new to solve business challenges through innovation, communication and strategy.